ION Orchard

ION Orchard brings together the world’s best loved brands for their flagship, concept and lifestyle stores within one development, over eight levels of intelligently designed shopping space. Visitors are treated to a unique shopping experience at over 330 retail, F&B and entertainment stores. 

Kotobuki Coffee

Coming to your senses with a new level of aromatic and flavour of Japanese style’s coffee.

Honolulu Café

Founded in 1940s by the late Mr Yeung Jin Hei, Hong Kong’s treasured café, Honolulu Café also fondly known by locals as ‘Cha Chaan Teng’ has launched its first international outlet at The Centrepoint in Singapore.

Well-known for its flaky pastry and soft egg custard center, Honolulu Café’s egg tarts utilizes a time-tested method by freezing the dough overnight to fold 192 layers for a crispy and flaky shell. The egg tarts are baked fresh and limited quantities will be available for sale every day.

Besides the famous Egg Tarts and Hong Kong Milk Tea, Honolulu Café has also selected many popular items from its existing Hong Kong menu to provide diners with a more authentic Cha Chaan Teng experience.

Look forward to dishes such as Curry Fish Ball, Toast with Scrambled Eggs, Instant Noodle with a variety of toppings such as Ham, Luncheon Meat, BBQ Pork, Curry Rice, Baked Pork Chop in Tomato Sauce with Spaghetti/Rice and other popular Cha Chaan Teng delights.

To ensure that the well-loved taste of Honolulu Café remains as similar as possible, the Singapore kitchen in Honolulu Café’s will be helmed by carefully selected chefs from Hong Kong’s Honolulu Café.

Desa Kartika Indonesian Restaurant

Established in 1996, Desa Kartika was founded by Madam Rosnani Gani, a winner of the 2002 Malay Entrepreneur of the year award. Priding itself as one of the first halal Indonesia restaurants in Singapore, Desa Kartika has since managed to become the chosen Indonesian restaurant.


1st Singapore’s Pioneer Idea serving ayam penyet and power sambal chilly since 2005.


Started in 2010, Chicken Up is a casual dining experience for people to experience Korean Cuisine.

Marinated for 12 hours and then double fried to seal in the flavors, Chicken Up offers a variety of fried chicken such as best- selling Yangnyum – a sweet and tangy flavour and Ganjang- a garlic-soya based blend. The restaurant also boasts a unique range of home-brewed, fruit- infused Soju with thirst-quenching flavours like watermelon, peach, apple and pear.

TungLok XiHe Peking Duck

A culinary collaboration between TungLok Group and Beijing’s renowned XiHé Group, TungLok XiHé Peking Duck Restaurant offers a delectable spread of great Chinese cuisine reinterpreted for the modern era. Both TungLok and XiHé are renowned for their commitment to authentic Chinese cuisine through innovate cooking and presentation methods. With a sophisticated interior that successfully combines the mystique of the East and chic of the West, indulge in the restaurant’s signature dish – Peking Duck, a long-time favourite of all Chinese food lovers.




Tonkin was, for centuries, the name of a fertile delta of the Red River known as the northernmost region of Vietnam. This is where our casual dining experience begins, where bright flavours, fresh textures, and rich aromas converge in every healthy bite. More than escaping into the past, we celebrate a living legacy—much like Hanoi’s 36 lanes that began a thousand years ago and still flows with trade, craftsmanship, and everyday life to this very day. Spices from far away awaken ingredients harvested just this morning. Recipes handed down from one generation to the next come alive as simple comfort fare through modern approaches and techniques. Vintage charm enriches a contemporary atmosphere where you may dine quickly or linger as you wish.

We take pride in the robustness and authenticity of our dishes. We are inspired by the ubiquitous xich lo, of moving with fortitude and unfading grace that is the pulse of Vietnam. Hop on, sit back, and enjoy our culinary journey.

Tanuki Raw

A tanuki is a mythical, mischievous, shape-shifting creature often pictured outside Japanese restaurants holding a bottle of sake.

Keeping to the spirit of its namesake, Tanuki Raw offers a mash-up of Japanese-inspired cuisine with the playfulness of American street food and global influences. Dining out has taken on too much seriousness; whether it’s the decorum, cuisine boundaries, or ambience, there is too much focus on everything except for whether or not the food is good. With the ethos of, “Make food that tastes good,” Tanuki Raw strips away rules, boundaries, and preconceptions of how various flavors go together in the search to create tasty, fun, flavorful food.

With the re-opening of Tanuki Raw at Orchard Central, the restaurant & bar has literally moved to a higher level (04-01) as well as taken the food offerings to new heights. In addition to the signature truffle yakiniku donburi, Tanuki Raw will be introducing new rice bowls as well as totally unique creations that are first-of-its kind in Singapore.


Som Tam, a Thai fusion restaurant that seeks to offer Thai food a new leash of life. Dishes are tailored to enrich diners’ taste buds with a burst of flavours. You get to enjoy a hearty meal while admiring an exclusive view of the most popular shopping area in Town. With a name that says Som Tam, expect the signature green papaya salad for $6.80 and you can choose your own topping such as salted egg or deep fried sweet prawn. Craving for burgers?

Som Tam also offer Kapi beef burger; shrimp paste beef burger with Thai hot sauce dressing ($14.80). Fancy pasta? Try the Som Tam style carbonara Pasta ($13.80). Bring a sweet ending to your meal with the After You Toast for $8.80.


ShiokJapan! is your one-stop online portal to delicious Japanese snacks, right here in Singapore. Our really popular products include Tokyo Banana! Feel free to browse through products in our store, and do let us know via email if you crave for something we do not have right now, and we’ll do our best to get it for you! Because at ShiokJapan!, we want you to have your cake and eat it.



Shabu Sai

An authentic Japanese restaurant that serves all-you-can-eat Shabu-Shabu and Sukiyaki buffet, SHABUSAI Orchard Central now sees new additions of seafood and sushi items to its buffet spread, as compared to the restaurant’s first outlet at Causeway Point. Serving up to seven tasty soup bases and a splendid array of more than 60 items on the buffet table, the must-try SHABU SAI specialities include the Tonkotsu soup base, prepared using the same formula as the restaurant’s outlets in Japan, the Sukiyaki soup base that offers a flavourful stock for the freshest ingredients to simmer in, as well as signature items such as the pork, beef or chicken served in bamboo, where the bamboo’s anti-bacterial properties protect the freshness of the minced meat.



The basic flavor from the Nantsuttei restaurants.

The soup is a rich, creamy tonkotsu (pork bone) soup. Floating on the surface of the soup is the fragrant black ma-yu (roast garlic oil), a flavor that has not changed since the restaurant first opened.

This black ma-yu is an iconic component of the Nantsuttei flavor created by frying garlic over seven phases and mixing it into a balanced blend for an exquisite harmony of flavors.

The soup, noodles, toppings and the black ma-yu come together in the bowl to create a perfectly balanced and delicious ramen.






Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant

The MEGA Japanese Buffet at Mini Prices has landed at Orchard Central! Presenting over 29 categories with more than 200 buffet items, Kiseki is the Japanese buffet destination for everyone to celebrate the joy of eating without feeling the pinch on your wallet. At just ONE PRICE; you can enjoy unlimited supply of Sushi, Sashimi, Teppanyaki, Robatayaki (Japanese grill), Yakitori (skewers), Nabemono (hot pot items e.g. Pork Shabu Ramen), Agemono (deep-fried), Mushimono (steamed items), Yanagawa (hot plate items), Japanese Western, and much more!

Call us to place your reservation today!

Tel: 6736 1216

K. Cook Korean BBQ Buffet

Imagine having BBQ in the fresh outdoor with a great view of Orchard Road!

In Korea, BBQ is usually being savoured in outdoor area and Koreans believe that fresh air makes BBQ more delicious.

K. Cook Korean BBQ Buffet wants to bring that concept to you in Orchard Central!

There are two areas in the restaurant: the outdoor area which has a really nice view and an indoor area where all the delicious BBQ food can be found. One can also enjoy watching K-POP music videos on a big screen while BBQ-ing!

There are 10 kinds of BBQ meats (specially marinated) , Prawn, Squid, Vegetable and more than 10 kinds of Korean cooked Food. You will also be able enjoy free flow of soft drink.

Visit K COOK for an experience of outdoor Korean BBQ with unlimited flow of BBQ meat and great music today!

Ban Heng

Ban Heng @ orchard central is established in 17th Oct 2012 . We are proud to have gained a landmark status in Singapore. Our food is faithful to the traditional art of the Teochew/Cantonese Cuisines. Besides providing value-for-money food, we insist on using fresh ingredients and serving piping hot food to the table. Our service is gracious hence you can be rest assured that your dining experience will be enjoyable.


The Soup Spoon Union is all about innovative, fresh and nutritious soups that stand alone, substantial enough to satisfy even the hungriest customer. Made in small batches with choicest ingredients, there”s a prefect soup for every mood and dietary preference. “Wholesome soups from the heart” is The Soup Spoon”s promise and it delivers. All time favourite soups include Velvety Mushroom Stroganoff, Bostom Clam Chowder, Beef Goulash & Tokyo Chicken Stew.


Casual Japanese dine-in restaurant from the award winning Teppei brand. Teppei sells over 400 bowls of their signature dish, Kaisendon (sashimi rice bowl) every day across all of Teppei brands.

Seoul Yummy

Seoul Yummy started way back in 2008. Located in popular locations throughout Singapore, we have catered to thousands of local and foreign customers with the Seoul Yummy experience.

We aim to create unforgettable dining experience through delicious Korean food and excellent customer service offered at a good value in a dynamic and excellent environment. Come experience Kfood, Kpop and Kculture with us!


Let’s Eat! brings to ION Orchard a convergence of both local Singapore and Penang famous food.

Their famous dishes are 85 Redhill Teochew Fishball Noodle, Chian Chian Xiang Hainanese Curry Rice, Penang Prawn Noodle and Assam Laksa, Fried Kuay Teow and Fried Oyster.

The price is pretty affordable, from $4 and above.



Authentic Hong Kong’s style wonton noodles, using springy thin noodles, wonton filled with fresh shrimps and pork with delicious dry fish soup base that will awaken your taste buds.


Singapore’s Original Beef Kway Teow restaurant with over a 100 years of history & tradition & one of Singapore’s oldest surviving brands.


Gyoza-Ya, a casual dining restaurant which is a part of the Akashi Group, houses both the concepts of Gyoza and Jya Jya Men.

You will be welcomed to an open concept dining area, where guests will be provided with “live cooking entertainment”. Gyoza-Ya offers diners front row seats to a spectacular dining entertainment where experienced hands craft perfectly shaped gyoza and the finest team concoct a delicious aromatic broth for the noodles.

The result of both these concepts is an unforgettable dining experience.



Ginza Bairin is a Tokyo Ginza-based specialty Tonkatsu (breaded, deep-fried pork cutlet) restaurant offering a variety of Signature dishes that have been kept true for three generation. Established in 1927, Ginza Bairin was the first Tonkatsu restaurant in Ginza, as well as the first to offer the now popularBite-Size Katsu(Hitokuchi Katsu), Tonkatsu Sauce and the Katsu Sandwich. Now, the same Ginza Bairin has found a new home here in Singapore, we can now enjoy the authentic taste of Kurobuta (Black pig), a special breed of pig, freshly flown from Kagoshima, Japan, because Ginza Bairin has been known for. Our Singapore Branch will be having an array of menus to choose from, including choices of Katsu Sandwich, Donburi (rice bowls) and Bento (take-away) meals.


Saveur Art is the latest addition to the Saveur Group of Restaurants. Sticking to their vision to provide quality French fare at affordable prices, Saveur Art marks a deeper effort in elevating the food that the people at Saveur serve. Located at level 4 of ION Orchard, Saveur Art represents their push towards perfection. Extensive research goes into curating the right ingredients to assemble a plate that combines flavors, textures and aesthetics in careful balance.


Since its humble beginnings in Singapore in 2000, PUTIEN has grown into a popular chain in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Till date, it has a total of 10 outlets island wide and is considered one of the leaders in Fujian cuisine in Singapore.

PUTIEN focuses on bringing out the natural and original taste of each ingredient. In order to do so, much effort is taken starting from the selection of the freshest ingredients to the preparation of the dishes. The end result is characteristically light, uncomplicated yet flavourful comfort food that exudes memories of come-home dining.

The restaurant is noted for its signature dishes, including the intricate ‘Braised Pig Intestine’, the silky fine ‘Fried Heng Hwa Bee Hoon’ and the crunchy on the outside yet fluffy on the inside ‘Stir-Fried Yam’ cubes. A traditional Putian delight – Fried Heng Hwa Bee Hoon with Soy Milk, is also exclusively available at PUTIEN, ION Orchard. Complemented by warm and friendly service, PUTIEN promises a heart-warming dining experience.

PUTIEN has received numerous dining and business awards, including Influential Brands Top Brand in Chinese Restaurant Category in 2015, Awarded House of Stars (One Star) by Wine & Dine Singapore’s Top Restaurant in 2014, Epicurean Star Award 2012, 2010 Overall Champion of The Restaurant Association Singapore’s Tasty Chef Award, Singapore Prestige Brand Award in 2009, and Singapore’s Top 50 Restaurants in 2006, etc.


Wine Connection

Wine Connection is the leading chain of wine shops and wine-themed restaurants in South-East Asia. Established in Bangkok in 1998, Wine Connection has been developing expertise in importing exclusive wines from around the world, crafted European beers, glassware and wine accessories for over 15 years.

Mon Bijou

Serving up scrumptious all-day breakfast nosh through the day, Mon Bijou is the newest artisanal bistro arriving in the heart of town bringing you the finest of comfort brunch food, elegant French pastries and sandwiches with an all-day dining concept.

An unsurpassed venue in the new Claymore Connect, Mon Bijou is the perfect location for a cosy breakfast, casual business meetings and lunches, or just for a quick cuppa!

Jewel Coffee

Founded in 2011, Jewel Coffee is the leading purveyor of third-wave coffee  in Singapore. First established amidst the island’s major financial hub along Shenton Way, our artisanal coffee houses conceptualized the possibility for specialty coffee to be approachable and accessible

Hua Ting Steamboat

Award-winning Hua Ting Restaurant will be opening its much anticipated steamboat concept this September. Donning a contemporary and fresh look within a warm and casual dining atmosphere, it is definitely a perfect hot-spot to enjoy great value premium quality steamboat with your business partners or loved ones!


Established in 1996, Saboten has developed into the largest chain of Tonkatsu restaurant, with more than 500 outlets located worldwide. Best Tonkatsu Restaurant in Singapore as voted by HungryGoWhere. Saboten only uses the best ingredients to create the perfect signature Tonkatsu.


An amalgamation of the Korean words ‘masi’ (delicious) and ‘jjim’ (steam), Masizzim (pronounced ma-see-zim) distinguishes itself from all other Korean eateries with three headline acts: Beef Rib Stew, Pork Rib Stew and Spicy Chicken Stew. These are complemented by a supporting cast of scrumptious side dishes, such as mix grain Rice Balls and three types of savoury Pancakes.

Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory

Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory is a casual restaurant chain that specializes in delectable freshly cooked chicken dishes. Chir Chir has earned a strong following in Korea due to it`s unique menu which is great tasting and offers a great variety of selections.


Prestigious ramen chain from Japan, Chabuton’s Tonkotsu ramen is served with rich and creamy pork bone broth. Our menu is specially crafted by the Tokyo TV Champion Chef; owner of the first ramen shop listed in the MICHELIN Guide, to create our signature ramen to be of high quality and superior in taste

Soup Stock Tokyo

Soup Stock Tokyo was authentic brand born in Tokyo , Japan. All soups are NO-MSG. We have developed 200+kinds of soups since 1999. The total number of stores expands to 60+ in urban areas in Japan. Our secret ingredients to make our taste special are the sophisticated process and experienced craftsmanship.

Mak’s Noodle

Mak’s Noodle opens its first franchised outlet in Orchard Road at The Centrepoint. Known as a family establishment with traditional methods, our chef even looks into the quality of the ingredients which is directly shipped from the branch in Central, Hong Kong to Singapore. Our promise is to ensure 95% of similarity in taste just like the restaurants in Hong Kong.

Our wonton noodles are filled in a small bowl as it was originally intended to be a snack and not a main dish in Canton. Small serving keeps the noodles from turning soggy. Noodles served are springy in texture and taste. We pride ourselves upon using fresh shrimps as our ingredients in each wonton. The soup is made from a secret recipe passed down over three generations in Mak’s family legacy. The proportion and measurement of every ingredient strictly follows traditional methods.

Mak’s Noodle intends to provide a “happy stomach” with an authentic Hong Kong dish at an affordable price.

Jing Hua Xiao Chi

Simple and authentic. Since 1989, Mr. and Mrs. Han have been serving Tianjin dumplings, Xiao Long Bao and noodles out of their original Neil Road shop at the edge of Chinatown. Over time they’ve tweaked the family recipes they brought from China to suit Singapore. Light and fresh, Jing Hua’s dumplings and noodles are as flavorful as the original but tailored to a Southern taste. This is no-nonsense, old-school Singapore dining for those in the know.

Ishinomaki Grill & Sake Bar

Ishinomaki is a grill and sake dining concept offering both authentic Robatayaki/ Izakaya dishes and Japanese cuisine pairing with premium sake and shochu in the house.


Our culinary team has created an extensive array of dining options, which include Japanese set menu with excellent nutritional balance. Rice and miso soup accompany each main dish of meat or fish along with side dishes of vegetables or Japanese pickles called “tsukemono”. All the menu items you can enjoy at Yayoiken have been carefully designed to embody the wisdom of Japanese culinary tradition. We are also very particular about the quality of each ingredient we select, especially rice, which is only imported from Japan after passing stringent quality and safety inspections.

MK Restaurants

MK Restaurants is the most popular suki (Thai-style steamboat) in Thailand. Famous for its signature suki sauce and MK roasted duck, MK Restaurants has over 400 branches in Thailand, Japan, and Vietnam. Their first branch at 313@somerset, MK Restaurants warmly welcomes you to enjoy many delicious dishes with their original recipes straight from Thailand.

Dolce Tokyo

In Dolce Tokyo, you can enjoy the best of Japanese-Italian influenced cuisine and coffee in a hip and trendy setting. A variety of Japanese desserts of Mitsu Mame, Kakigori, homemade Green Tea-Sesame/Yuzu/Carrot Cakes, Italian influenced Panacotta, Gelato and many more, will surely satisfy any die-hard dessert enthusiasts.

Wrap & Roll

Popular restaurant chain from Vietnam serving authentic Vietnamese cuisine in a contemporary setting. Indulge in the variety of rolls, salads, rice and noodle dishes!