Food Opera

Food Republic is establishing a stronger foothold in the repertoire of food offered along the Orchard precinct with its latest addition – Food Opera @ ION Orchard.

Food Opera sets to captivate your senses by offering a myriad of signature local delicacies, housed within a lavish modern interior embellished with modern animal art pieces. Indulge in the best local cuisine, each with its own unique heritage and a rich descent; while witnessing the splendor of the magnificent art exhibits. Diners can anticipate 22 stalls and 4 mini-restaurants of quality food that will guarantee to satisfy your palate.

Brace yourselves for a whole new dining experience at Food Opera with the fusion of food and art!


Food Republic

Food Republic is a gathering of food concepts greater than before all under one roof: The refreshed Food Republic brings together iconic and popular brands with new concepts creating a high energy environment designed to meet the modern dining tastes of the vibrant Orchard Road neighborhood. From grabbing breakfast on the run to taking a mid-window shopping break over traditional local desserts, Food Republic at Wisma has something for all tastes. The eclectic menu offers an array of choices throughout the day to appeal to the demands of the people who live, work or visit the neighbourhood.