Spinworkx is the premium retailer in Yo-Yos and Skill Toys. Having come a long way from our humble beginnings, selling yo-yos out of a plastic storage box, Spinworkx has now found a new home right in the heart of Orchard Road, at Orchard Central. We carry a wide range of brands from all around the world, from countries such as the USA, Japan, Switzerland, China, Malaysia, Singapore, and more! If you are thinking of learning a trick or two, pop on by to our store and our friendly staff will gladly help you out on the spot!

Spinworkx provides training workshops, enrichment programs featuring yo-yos, and showcases exciting performances for events ranging from private birthday parties to community and corporate events. We also organise the annual Singapore Yo-Yo Championships and the prestigious Asia Pacific Yo-Yo Championships. Not only do we focus on promoting the unique sport of Spinning, we strive to evoke healthy competition and active participation from all Spinners, and this in turn, will lead Spinners to be creative and push the boundaries of modern yo-yo performance to even greater heights.

We aim to challenge, empower and enrich all youths and the young at heart through throwing and playing with yo-yos.




Roomraider is a unique and interactive real life puzzle, action and escape room game where teams of 2-8 solve puzzles and uncover secrets and mysteries within a time limit. Each themed room will have a different story and objective. One moment, you could be solving a police case, and the next, escaping from an alien space station.

Each themed room has been carefully crafted and fitted out to take our customers into another world. You will be part of the story. See, hear, and feel the action.

If you like riddles, brainteasers, codes, mysteries, and adventures, then this game is for you. Not everyone will be able to complete their objectives within the set timing. What is guaranteed, is fun, a few laughs, and a truly immersive experience!


PLAYe is the next shopping evolution for modern day video-game enthusiasts, toy hobbyists and gadget collectors in Singapore.