Graf von Faber-Castell

In 1761, Kaspar Faber started to produce pencils in Stein, near Nuremberg. When the fourth generation- Baron Lothar von Faber – took over the company in 1839 he turned the pencil into a true quality product and the world\’s first branded writing instrument. Over the centuries, he and his descendants created remarkable products challenging to rediscover the past and to transfer it to the present timeless design and modern technology. The result is the Graf von Faber-Castell Collection, a completely new range of extraordinary writing instruments and accessories. Embody Luxury in Simplicity by combining selected materials, functionality and superb aesthetics


Das Erzgebirge Haus

From the Erzgebirge in Germany, we bring you the finest wood crafts whether child or adult, all will be fascinated by charm, variety and perfection of our collections. The Nutcrackers, Angels, Music Boxes, Miniatures, it seems as its lives and soul goes into the creation. Let yourself be inspired by the imaginative world of whimsical figurines and make a few personal discoveries of your own.



DAISO is a $2 mega store established in Japan in 1977. We are Japan’s No.1 ranking living ware supplier, with 2570 stores across the country and 550 stores in 24 nations worldwide. With over 90,000 different products in our inventory and a further 1,000 new products being developed each month, we provide the most amazing variety and value for all your needs. Come check us out for incredible finds at an unbelievable price!


Find your favourite gifts, pens and accessories from ACME Studio, Campo Marzio Design, CIAK, Cavallini & Co, Helen Kelly, Sapiens, 365 Guilliano Mazzouli, Jac Zagoory and Putumayo World Music at Cityluxe.


Thanks to its creations in silver, Christofle is a symbol of luxury and elegance. Since its founding in the mid-19th century, it has been a continuous innovative force and has infused each era with a new art of living. Thus, over time, this prestigious company has revolutionized styles, techniques, and methods for the production and distribution of silver plate and the decorative arts.

Action City

New collection of fun accessories to brighten up your home.

Carlo Moretti

The Murano Glass Gallery Singapore opened its doors in September 2016 and showcases some of the finest works of Murano Crystal – Carlo Moretti and Massimiliano. All of our products, from drinking glasses to vases, are handblown, signed and dated in Murano, Italy. Each creation is different and therefore unique. We adhere to showcasing only the most extraordinary craftsmanship and artistic pieces of Murano Crystal to consistently inspire a discerning clientele with exquisite taste.

435 Orchard Road, #02-01A Wisma Atria, Singapore 238877

Tel: (65) 6734 9511


Lumio lamp takes a familiar form —of a book —and creates a mesmerizing sculptural light when it’s open. The user has the ability to endlessly adapt its shape to meet their changing needs. mini Lumio+ has the added functionality of acting as a power bank for mobile devices and its small size makes for an ideal travel companion.


Lumen products are produced in Italy and we pride ourselves in producing good quality products which are also environmentally friendly.


Introducing LUCARIS – Crystal of Modern Asia, a luxury brand of crystal wine ware for premium, upper-end customers of Ocean Glass Public Company Limited which was originated from the fusion between Asian traditions and western modernity.

LUCARIS accentuates the new Asian dining and wining moment through fusing exquisite taste of wines with the savory flavour of modern Asian cusine. The first time in Asia that crystal stemware is produced to deliver international quality, for the most enjoyable dining & wining experience.


TOKI City in Gifu Prefecture lies in the heart of the region known as the cradle of Mino ceramics.The area boasts a 1300 year history as the center of ceramic culture and is home to the Shino,Oribe and Kizeto styles of ceramic art.The region also generates the majority of the nation’s Japanese and Western style tableware.

LOLO CO., LTD. Facilities are ideally located to draw on all the region has to offer by way of technology, materials and traditional know-how.We bring these resources to bear when creating unique products that enhance the comfort and enjoyment of daily life.


Famous for its contemporary design luggage, Lojel has always been in the fore front in making durable polycarbonate luggage. Its chic and stylish designs has since been adored by celebrities and flight crews around the world.


Linn make the best music systems for your home, including network music players, turntables, amplifiers, speakers and hi-fi components.


Fall in love with healthy, easy cooking with the most innovative products thanks to Lekue. Quality, functionality and design that will surprise you with a wide range of tools to make cooking, preparation, preservation, baking and freezing easier. Lekue provides practical and revolutionary solutions for today’s society way of cooking.

Lekue’s products are non-stick; they do not require greasing, making unmolding easier. You save calories because you don’t need to add extra butter and/or oil. Silicone doesn’t break like glass and doesn’t rust like metals. You can easily fold and store the products made with this flexible material without deforming them, so you save space in the kitchen. Its versatility and ability to withstand to high temperatures make it safe to use in the microwave, oven, dishwasher, refrigerator and freezer. Platinum silicone repels water and germs so, apart from easy maintenance, it guarantees maximum food hygiene and safety.


Leifheit designs outstanding quality and modern European flair into a full range of household products, including kitchen utensils, thermal carafes, cleaning, ironing and drying equipments. Quality-and design-conscious customers look to Leifheit to find the latest and most innovative products.

Le Creuset

Le Creuset is the world’s leading manufacturer of cast iron cookware. With a heritage dating back to 1925, Le Creuset is recognised for innovation, design excellence, high quality and durability. 

Made in France, each piece of cast iron is handcrafted from traditional French manufacturing techniques. Employing a 12-step finishing process, every piece of cookware passes through the hands of 15 skilled artisans to make certain a final product of flawless perfection. The results, superior performance and lasting quality that has been trusted for nearly a century.

Le Creuset helps you cook better at home. Le Creuset offers a comprehensive range of products from enamelled cast iron cookware, to cooking and serving dishes (stoneware), stainless steel pots & pans and even a wide range of silicon utensils and a collection of wine accessories.


Laurastar was founded by people who loved beautiful fabrics. Their passion led them to create a unique world bringing together beauty and Swiss technology to enhance your clothes and your appearance.

La Gourmet

a Gourmet is more than cookware or thermalware, it’s about lifestyle. La Gourmet consumers have the pride of ownership, assurance of safety, great satisfaction of products and after-sales service and last but not least, education consumers on the importance of choosing the right cookware for better quality lifestyle at affordable prices.

La Boite concept

La Boite concept is a well-established French company in the field of High Definition acoustic loudspeakers. The products released by La Boite concept are though and produced by themselves thanks to their deep family experience (3 generation of the Cagniard family gathered up and previously owned SIARE; the famous manufacturer of loudspeaker), non stop R&D and cutting-edge designs which are breaking all the previous codes.


Unrelenting Sharpness, Exceptional Purity, Ultra Lightweight. These are the usual compliments associated with Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Knives. 

Kyocera invented the world 1st ceramic knife in 1984, and has since evolved into a wide variety of products such as peelers, graters and sharpeners. All Kyocera blades are made in Japan.


Domestic and overseas customers choose KUVINGS products for its excellent quality, innovative design and easy handling features. With numerous product patents for unique technologies and innovative designs, global brand “KUVINGS” is gaining more and more popularity in households worldwide. 

For past thirty years, through continuous research and development of our juice extractors, blenders, juicers and various other home appliances, our customers enjoyed premium quality health care product in their homes. Also, “KUVINGS” received numerous commendations from the government as safe and innovative design with our patented technology.


Krups, a German kitchen appliance manufacturer, has been the world’s leading manufacturer of coffee and espresso machines. The company also produces a number of household appliances, including meat slicers, food processors, blenders, coffee grinders and BeerTender.


Konitz has been producing fine porcelain dinnerware. Known as “The Mug Company”, Konitz products are design orientated, flexible, and original.

Konitz creates a large assortment of coffee and tea mugs, as well as specialty coffee cups and saucers. The mugs are inspired by animals, flowers, art, trendy and stylish motifs.


Historically, when we mentioned urban mobility, we thought essentially about cars or public transits. Now this vision is too simplistic.

Social, economic or ecologic constraints strive ourselves to change our habits

All the philosophy of Kleefer has this observation as a starting point.
The team try to understand today’s issues of cities, we integrated the importance of urban mobility in our lives. In the future, cities will be deeply rethinking depending on the citizens expectations and the public authorities.

The urban mobility of tomorrow is our challenge

Public transits will probably remain the most used transportation, but we still need to built something to reach them as fast as possible.
Each person should move easily, with a reasonable time, price and confort.
Modern cities need an inter modality, which ease the transition between 2 transportations.


Founded in 1850, Kitchencraft offer over 3,500 kitchen, dining and homeware items to leading outlets both in the UK and internationally.


n 1919 our iconic Stand Mixer was born. And from that stemmed an entire kitchen of high-performance appliances-all created with the same attention to detail, quality craftsmanship, versatile technology and timeless design. As the only appliance brand that only makes things for the kitchen, we continue to keep pushing the limits with our products so you can keep doing the same with everything you create. So, here’s to you, your kitchen and the delicious world that surrounds us all.


At Kenwood we proudly design and manufacture cutting edge, stylish and efficient kitchen appliances since 1947.

As the expert in food preparation, our focus is to ensure every Kenwood product enhances your enjoyment of cooking, producing consistently high quality results with the greatest of ease. 

Whichever Kenwood product you choose, you can be sure to create the perfect dish every time.


Designed for drinking pleasure on the go, KeepCup is the world’s first barista standard reusable cup made in Australia.

It started in a Melbourne cafe in 2008 with a simple idea: KEEP IT AND USE IT AGAIN.

KeepCup’s mission is to encourage the use of reusable cups. We do this by delivering sustainably made products that are fit for purpose in the context of a positive global campaign that strives to make a difference to how we think about convenience culture.

We want to create a global brand and to be one of the organisations that kick started the demise of the disposable.

Today, KeepCups are embraced all over the world. KeepCup users divert millions of disposable cups daily and through their actions, inspire others to do the same.

Join the revolution, and get your KeepCup today!


As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of German cleaning equipment, Kärcher has a comprehensive product line for private households, the crafts and trades as well as industry.

Kärcher’s powerful and innovative products are ideal for indoor and outdoor usage from high rise apartments to landed houses or basement and hobby workshop. We have the optimum solution to your cleaning problem.

Kapok Tools

Founded in 2006, kapok began as a lifestyle shop located on a quiet backstreet of Hong Kong to present a variety of lifestyle products sourced internationally, with a focus on quality and creativity.


In 1908, Kai started its leading edge history in Seki city, the ancient sword-making capital of Japan. Over the 100 years, Kai has grown and been recognised as the No.1 knife maker in Japan, with over 10,000 products to offer. Its premium beautiful-looking Shun knives are now widely popular in US, with sales eclipsing traditional German brands at most retailers.


As a pioneer in the field of automatic espresso/coffee machines JURA has been a main contributor to the household appliance sector since the middle of the 1980s. Now, the company uses its experience and know-how for the development of semi-professional appliances for the office and foodservice sector.

Joseph Joseph

Specializing in contemporary kitchenware, Joseph Joseph is internationally recognized for producing some of the most stylish and technically innovative products available, and has become one of the most dynamic and fastest growing companies in the worldwide housewares market. 

Joseph Joseph’s unique ability to match form and function with a playful sense of style and colour, has earned it global recognition for its range of multi-award-winning designs. With clear focus on functionality, quality & desire to constantly innovate, refine & develop are what link all these new products together.

Jia Inc

JIA means home in Chinese Chinese character for Home (pronouncing as “jia”) is a roof on the top and a pig, lovable animal in Chinese culture, inside, symbolizing food and wealth inside the house.

With modern design approaches, JIA Inc. attempts to across the boundaries between royal artifact and daily objects and offers an alternative translation on classics from emperors’ house to items accessible in modern days. This is where JIA starts from – we are from Chinese culture and from the passion for home.

Jean Dubost

Founded in 1920, Jean Dubost has carried on the family tradition and love of knives for 4 generations.

It is in the small mountain village of Viscomtat, not far from Thiers, the capital city of French cutlery, that the company is attached to making quality kitchen knives and flatware. Dubost is the choice of a product made in France for guaranteed authenticity, but it is also a dynamic company that has taken up the creative challenge to offer you a wide range of products that you will find under 4 different trademarks, it’s up to you to choose your style: classical, modern, chic?

Jax & Bones

Jax & Bones is an eco-friendly company from California, USA, specialising in luxury dog bedding and adorable and durable dog toys. All Jax & Bones toys are dyed using eco-friendly and non-toxic vegetable dyes, and the rope toys are all hand tied. 

Japanese Tableware

Sourced from around Japan the finest Japanese dinnerware and to present the best selection in one curated counter.

Jamie Oliver

Jamie’s gift products get to the heart of what Jamie is all about – inspiring every home chef to get creative and have fun in the kitchen.

From beautiful acacia serving boards to vintage-inspired textiles, embossed ceramics and rustic hand-painted terracotta items, these products have been designed to not only serve you well in the kitchen, but to look the part on the table, too.


IWAKI has been manufacturing and supplying high-quality and unique glass products using advanced technology since 1883. IWAKI has been recognized as the indispensable kitchenware by customers all over the world, because of our sensitivity and quick reaction time to meet customers’ needs and trends. They constantly improve their heat-resistant glass products with their own in-house advanced technology, and their  products are of high-quality, trustworthy and safe.


For over a hundred years, Iwachu, located in Morioka Prefecture, Japan, has been one of the most well known and respected manufacturers of modern Nanbu ironware.

Today, craftsmen at Iwachu pay respect to this tradition by infusing each Iwachu product with precision handcraftsmanship throughout the manufacturing process.

Iwachu‘s tetsubin (iron tea pots) and cookware have earned a well deserved worldwide reputation for their superior quality, beauty, and lasting durability. The production process of making Tetsubin and Cookware usually consists of 64 to 68 steps.

At Iwachu, most of this process is still done by hand and quality is strictly maintained and controlled by a master craftsman known as a “kamashi”. It requires at least 15 years to become a full-fledged craftsman, and 30-40 years to become a “kamashi”.


The passion of the artisan glass master creates the uniqueness of IVV’s creations. Handmade in Italy since 1952.

Island Cafe & Bar

The brand new Island Cafe & Bar promises a delectable dining experience featuring a menu of signature local & regional favourites and innovative and creative concepts.

Now with the addition of a dedicated alfresco area for your favourite after-hours cocktails, Island is the new oasis in the heart of Orchard Road.


IONA constantly strives to deliver innovative and high quality products for its consumers.  We have proven that we can address to the needs of the modern day consumers need for advanced technology that are affordable and easy to use.


InterDesign® began as a Housewares design and marketing company in 1974 with a core goal in mind – to design and sell innovative products for the home at a reasonable price. This goal is still carried out today in every aspect of the company’s mission.

InterDesign designs product for multiple home categories including Bath, Kitchen and Home Storage. Each and every product is carefully and thoughtfully designed by a talented group of industrial designers and engineers.

It is InterDesign’s objective to marry style and fashion with practical functionality providing our retail partners with high quality and stylish products that excite our consumers.

InterDesign is based in Solon, Ohio and is a global leader in Housewares with 3 distribution facilities in North East Ohio, one in Asia and one in Europe. InterDesign sells to over 100 countries across multiple continents.

We pride ourselves on not only being first to market with innovative new product designs, but also our ability to consistently meet customer requirements for shipping accuracy and on-time deliveries.

Innovation is at the very core of InterDesign and our employees are continuously thinking, dreaming and being inspired by WHAT’S NEXT NOW… 


Say goodbye to mosquitoes or other harmful insects by safely and elegantly eliminating them without the use of harmful sprays, chemicals or even propane gas.

InaTrap’s patented Electronic Insect Killer, Winner of 2012’s Taiwan Excellence Award, not only exudes style and elegance, but also utilizes state-of-the-art technology to attract and remove those unbearable disease-carrying insects.


illy is in constant pursuit of excellence. When illy designs an espresso machine, it starts where few others can: with an innate understanding of coffee literally rooted in the world’s finest growing regions, taken further by a scientist’s curiosity and an engineer’s passion for unmatched design. This is why illy’s approach to espresso machines is to make zero compromise, mirroring its commitment to the highest quality beans. illy espresso machines are imagined and realized as complement, coaxing the fullest potential from the illy blend, to the delight of millions, every day.


Hurom is a company that is focused on creating products and technologies that benefit people and their health. Therefore, Hurom seeks to contribute to the health and happiness of people all over the world through our slow juicers, as well as other health-concerned appliances and 100% natural Hurom juice.


Life should be colourful! Dress up your bedroom in Horgen Bed and Bath accessories that exude tastefulness and joie de vivre. From the vibrant and exciting printed collections to the subtler jacquard and hotel @ home series, Horgen bed and bath products have all been created for individuals who share the same deep passion and zest for life.


Hasegawa Chopsticks are made by master craftsmen to exacting standards and quality – the perfect dining companion for discerning individuals.


HARIO is a Japanese company, which manufactures glassware of the highest quality for general consumers and for industrial uses. Our products range from beverage accessories such as siphon coffee makers and tea servers to television screen and apparatus for medical researches.


Using the most cutting-edge technology to care for the family, Happycall’s selection of the highest quality and the highest purity materials provides the most perfect kitchen pans.


With its vast design resources and qualified home linen producers, Hallmark ensures that the collection satisfies your aspirated lifestyles.

Using only European fabrics of the highest quality, our range assures durable linen and interior products that come in a myriad of colours and styles.


As a pioneer of innovative solutions in ladder systems and waste bins, our acclaimed high quality and reliability are your gaurantee that with us there’s little that you need to worry about: reliability is our byword in what we do and what is important to us. That’s why can always look forward to new products and ideas from Hailo, and this year our entire range of small steps and ladders is in the spotlight. The various models have a visual consistency and are recognisably Hailo. And once again the safety and reliability of our products is our top priority.


Our health is the most precious thing we have. GreenPan™ is passionate about healthy cooking. We launched our ceramic coated pans in 2007, and have seen millions of consumers joining the ceramic revolution. GreenPan™ has changed the material which families across the globe cook with, and will continue to invest in healthy technologies.

Grand Atelier

Fine living is always about the details and at Grand Atelier, this belief means that we design and produce only the most comfortable and luxurious bed and bath accessories. Create an exquisite sanctuary out of your bedroom with our wide range of bed and bath collections that evoke timeless American beauty and refinement.


GLOBAL knives are made from the finest stainless steel material. The blades utilise CROMOVA 18 stainless steel, ice tempered and hardened to Rockwell C56°- 58°which holds a razor sharp edge longer than any other steel and resists rust, stains and corrosion. Like the Samurai swords before them, each knife is carefully weighted to ensure perfect balance in the hand.  The smooth contours and seamless construction eliminate food and dirt traps, offering the ultimate in safety and hygiene.

GLOBAL knives are favoured today by most high ranking chefs in the most prestigious hotels and restaurants and are featured regularly on television cookery programmes in the hands of the most celebrated chefs.  


Fujihoro has been manufacturing its Porcelain Enameled Steel Products since 1947 and is currently one of the most reliable manufacturers’ in enameled cookware. Manufactured under superior Japanese craftsmanship, the enamel cookware is assured of lasting quality and performance. Our products include a wide range of colorful Casseroles, Pots & Pans, Tempura Pans, Mixing Bowls, Coffee Pots, Tea & Whistling Kettles.

The enamel glaze is evenly applied by hand to the iron core surface several times by experienced craftsmen. During the enameling process, the pots undergo repeated firings in an extremely high temperature furnace, reaching up to 850 degrees Centigrade in order to form a multi-layered structure, combining the strengths of both iron and glass (Enamel) leaving a smooth and durable vitreous coating to produce this wonderful product.

Forty Red Bangles

Forty Red Bangles is a socially conscious company, born out of the divine concept of marriage, this brand stands true to its name, which a range of beautifully designed lifestyle products that find their roots in traditional organic sources. 

The Forty Red Bangles journey has taken us from Melbourne to Jodhpur to Mumbai and now, Singapore. Along the way we have captured the essence of each city through collections celebrating everyday life in these extraordinary places. We source the finest of ethically produced and environmentally sustainable materials and through traditional artisanal techniques; create pieces that tell a unique story that can soon become a part of yours. 

Forty Red Bangles creates all of its designs in-house, and out sources various production elements to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), in particular women empowerment groups. This initiative enables such undiscovered talent to reach new markets whilst supporting their causes of community development and achieving a sustainable means of livelihood.