ROYCE’ began in 1983. The crisp climate, sweet waters and clean air made Hokkaido an ideal place for confectionary making.ROYCE’ started of with cookies which had drawn the attention of many by the aroma from the factory. That was the beginning of our direct management shops.ROYCE’ is gradually mastering techniques of producing chocolates of world quality. Our principle has always been to use only the highest quality ingredients, at a price customers can easily afford.ROYCE’ will continue to produce high quality products that will please customers by observing our fundamental principles and challenging our creative spirit.


Our Nippon-ya Japanese food  boutique is the first and only store open in Singapore.
All our Japanese savory  sweets, alcohol ,cake ,snack ,mochi ,hello kitty and our famous Harajuku chocolate mochi, and gift set are imported from various part of Japan.


Jasons The Gourmet Grocer is the enclave of all things trendy and exquisite, providing a luxurious specialty range of distinguished fresh foods for one’s pleasure. Check out the range of niche brands and gourmet delicatessen products. Stop by the cheese corner for some savoury international cheeses to go with a bottle of wine or champagne from the premium wine selection.

Artisan Cellars

Artisan Cellars is a purveyor of the world’s most exquisite and esteemed wines. Fine taste, deep personal passion and commitment to quality are the raison d’être of our selection. The most discerning winelovers will delight in our focused selection of the finest burgundies, champagnes, clarets and from the very best artisanal wineries around the world. Exclusive comparative and introductory wine tasting events will be held in our showroom. At Artisan Cellars, be prepared for an extraordinary vinous discovery!

Cold Storage

As “The Fresh Food People” Cold Storage is committed to deliver quality and freshness. Cold Storage carries a wide range of products to cater to the discerning customers. If you are looking for speciality and imported product, you will  find it at Cold Storage.

Shop fresh, shop at Cold Storage for quality and variety. You can depend on us because we have looked into it for you.


PACT is a union of three different experiences in one multifaceted environment, putting a roof over the common appreciation for honest goods, tasty foods and creative services.

Code Deco
Code Deco creates fragrances that are evocative, nuanced and highly pleasurable. Their debut collections have received high praise for their cosmopolitan appeal, finesse and artistry. Whether it’s big unexpected twists or subtle contradictions, their formulae are always interesting.

With over 16 years of experience as a sensory design specialist, Code Deco is Singapore’s first artisanal perfumery and has been a real adventure to date.

Gauri Garodia
Founder and Lead Creative

Fred Lives Here
The new Fred Lives Here store has now opened and joined the PACT. Just your average furniture store? Why not at all! The space not only brings the high quality, well-priced modern classic furniture pieces, but also a number of international homewares brands such as Ooh Deer (U.K), Seletti (Italy), Propaganda(Thailand), Plumen (U.K) and Ibride (France) and Lucky Boy Sunday (Denmark).

Kilo is a restaurant and bar with an inclination for hearty flavours and raw spaces. Its Japanese-Vietnamese inspired menu and concrete interiors hope to make for a different dining experience on Orchard Road.

Sifr is a contemporary lifestyle brand that takes pride in engineering clothing, footwear & accessories that display quality, comfort & value. The Flagship store showcases Sifr’s range of menswear staples as well as chosen products that emphasises the Sifr lifestyle.

Advocating nails as ‘Art for the heart’ and not just as a showpiece, kiyone+LIM brings adorably creative & naturally refine designs on short nails to the shores of Singapore…

kiyone written as ‘清音’ in Japanese is also pronounced as ‘Sei-on’, the resonant or ‘pure’ sound of 44 consonants in the phonology of Japanese language used from the past to present in everyday life as an indispensable tool of communication to connect with people… Their aim is to offer customers a palette of colors derived from a singular hue just as the myriad of expressions derived from the 44 sounds of ‘Sei-on’.

Discover kiyone+LIM, the latest manicure salon in Singapore.

日本語では清音と書きます。清音は”せいおん”と読み、日本人が昔から使ってきた”あかさたなはまやらわ”の濁点などを含まない44音のことを意味します。 普段私たちが何気なく使い、人と繋がる為に欠かせない清い音。。。ここからインスピレーションを受けました。清音の44音から生まれる無数の言葉のよう に、1色から生まれる無数の彩りを私たちはお客様に提案したい。

A unique place born out of the amalgamation of Singapore & Japanese culture.

New perspectives… New culture…New experience hereforth…

Hairstyles created in a space filled with liveliness would seek to delight & inspire.


HoneyWorld™ runs the only chain of honey specialty stores in Singapore. It offers a wide range of therapeutic and pleasure indulging honeys.


Vom FASS translates literally as “from the cask” and this is the core concept of the brand. Often described as an Aladdin’s Cave for Gourmets, Vom FASS offers a fine selection of fruit vinegars, exquisite oils, select wines, whiskeys and cognacs, exclusive liqueurs and a wide choice of spirits, all bought from tap. All products are available for sampling; just approach our friendly staff for assistance.

Our wide varieties of bottles are guaranteed to suit any occasion and individual messaging and packaging will ensure gifts that are thoughtful and deeply cherished.