Founded in 1996, Bioskin is well known for their brand philosophy of “No Squeezing, No Scarring and No Enlarged Pores”. Being awarded the winner of Superbrands for 4 consecutive years running, Bioskin is now a trusted brand among many when it comes to their technology, treatments and services.

Providing comprehensive treatments that use the latest technological equipments combined with specially formulated in-house products, Bioskin caters to the special needs of Asian skin, and takes into account the effects of environment, lifestyle and climate on the skin in order to address compatibility issues. Come experience the transformation that others had at Bioskin!

Specializing in tummy slimming services for both men and women, AbsTrim is a subsidiary of Bioskin offering the perfect solution for troubled men and women with belly problems. Its extensive treatments cater to specific needs by undergoing body fat analysis, machine treatments and AbsTrim own 4 sets of SEVENs routine, along with the latest technological equipment and specially formulated in-house products. Get in shape at AbsTrim now!