Dries Van Noten

Part of the famous Antwerp Six collective that made Belgium an epicentre of avant-garde fashion, Dries Van Noten is what the New York Times called “one of fashion’s most cerebral designers.” The Belgian’s inimitable sensibilities are borne of his talent for combining his remarkable tactile sense for fabrics with his approach to colours, prints and embroidery. The result is an unexpected mix – eclectic, elegant and exquisite – that appeals and thrills an audience who doesn’t buy into obvious logo-branding and seasonal trend-purchases. “I create single pieces and want every garment to have its own value and possibilities of combination. I want people to be able to use the clothes I make to communicate. I give them words that they can use to build their own sentences in order to tell something about themselves,’’ Mr Van Noten once said of his designs. “And also by putting them together in a very personal way, combining my designs with other clothes, like vintage clothing, something very old or self-made, H&M, whatever. To let them be creative with my clothes, that’s very important for me.” Intelligent clothes for the discerning, modern woman.