Exxe – one stop shop for sporting needs

One of the many sports outlets offered at Orchard Central, Exxe distinguishes itself form the rest by featuring a greater variety of fun sports equipment.

Started out in 2000 by two brothers, Ben Soh and Victor Soh, the duo brings in myriad of sporting brands like Nike, Adidas, Yonex and Wilson, along with lifestyle elements like trendy footwear and sporty fragrances.

Besides running shoes and apparel, Exxe has a well-stocked inventory of wave boards, kick scooters, free-line skates and outdoor adventure supplies. From a variety of imported aluminium water bottles, made for durability in style, one can hike, jog or exercise while being clad in the latest in utility sports wear.

Among the specialty items is the Easyoga range of yoga apparels. Not only is this a premium range which includes comfit-tech yoga wear and yoga mats, they are meticulously lined with COOL Max, a new technology made for ultimate comfort.

Regardless of your choice, leading an active lifestyle can now be a fashion statement of its own. At Exxe, both men and ladies will find themselves spoilt for choice, and will surely have more reason to strut their stuff, in style.