Forty Red Bangles

Forty Red Bangles is a socially conscious company, born out of the divine concept of marriage, this brand stands true to its name, which a range of beautifully designed lifestyle products that find their roots in traditional organic sources. 

The Forty Red Bangles journey has taken us from Melbourne to Jodhpur to Mumbai and now, Singapore. Along the way we have captured the essence of each city through collections celebrating everyday life in these extraordinary places. We source the finest of ethically produced and environmentally sustainable materials and through traditional artisanal techniques; create pieces that tell a unique story that can soon become a part of yours. 

Forty Red Bangles creates all of its designs in-house, and out sources various production elements to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), in particular women empowerment groups. This initiative enables such undiscovered talent to reach new markets whilst supporting their causes of community development and achieving a sustainable means of livelihood.