A huge part of Marni magic and magnetism that have captivated Marni maniacs the world over is borne of the creative face-offs its designer Consuelo Castiglione executes with such insouciant aplomb, season after season, since its beginning in 1994. From surreal silhouettes, to clashing prints and random colour combinations, Castiglione has single-handedly cornered the market for quirky since its beginning in 1994. (If ever the fashion world required a literal representation of wearing eccentricity on your sleeves, Marni would be it.) Each design trait by itself may sometimes seem a little much to the untrained eye but the sum of its parts make up that inimitable Marni aesthetic that is at once forgiving of all body shapes and, at the same time, hides a multitude of physical flaws. Small wonder women love Marni.