Recognize! Studios – The Creative Platform for Local Talent

An exciting new platform for aspiring and seasoned local artists has emerged!

Across genres, Recognize! Studios functions as the creative platform for all forms of creative communities, to showcase their art – with dance as its core speciality.

 Recognize! Studios aims to help avid and imaginative individuals materialise their creative ideas while developing and showcasing local talents. Being original street artistes themselves, the founder of the studio and dancer for 12 years, Mr Felix Huang, believes in a passion for true education, encouraging freedom of expression. Having been in the scene himself, he fully understands Singapore’s artistic potential and ability to expand, hence the establishing of this platform for creativity to grow, nurture and be showcased.

 “It doesn’t necessarily have to be safe and formal, in fact, the newer, more unconventional and wackier it gets, the better.” Says Mr Huang.

 Its logo is thoughtfully designed, with a signature reversed ‘R’ to symbolize their alternative nature and unique perspectives on art forms. Ending off with an exclamation, it aims to always leave an impactful impression.

At the studios, one can expect to see a myriad of hip hop and dance classes for kids and adults, graffiti displays, DJ courses and photography displays. Known as an ‘unconventional arts-academy’ this studio is driven by a passion for creative expression, with the main objective of supporting local and regional budding talents.