The Tonkatsu Specialist in Orchard Central

If you’ve been to Japan or at least, have a slight inclination towards a Japanese dining culture, you’d be familiar with that breaded cut of meat which the Japanese hold so dearly to their heart. ‘Tonkatsu’, meaning ‘fried pork cutlet’, is a staple in the menus of most eateries in Japan. Bringing this culture to Singapore is Tonkichi – the specialist in Tonkatsu locally for the past 16 years.

There’s no secret in its continued success but they are one chain of restaurants who has thoughtfully balanced the original native taste to suit our local preference. In the words of Suzuki-san, General Manager of Tonkichi, it’s all about a ‘sincerity to its recipe’ and the respect given to each ingredient. Treating each ingredient the right way and presenting every dish in its original manner is what makes customers keep coming back for more.

The interiors of the restaurant are decorated so that local diners have a feel of Japan, as Suzuki-san puts it, ‘dining in Japan, with a local flavour’. Comfortably housing 50 – 70 guests, hearty diners will be in for a treat as rice and cabbage slices can be refilled at no additional cost, for all set meals. The outlet at Orchard Central boasts a wider menu variety, with a selection of Sashimi and side dishes.

Tonkichi believes in being able to bring gourmet food to locals and letting diners of all ages fall in love with their irresistible delight of breaded goodness.