Watami, with its success in more than 730 restaurant outlets in Asia, has finally made its foray into Singapore. Bringing in the authentic Japanese taste to Singapore, Watami presents to you the “Ishokuya” dining concept showcasing the delights of modern Japanese cuisine, which include some of Watami’s original dishes and signature beverages. Coupled with our exceptionally high standards of service, we aim to create a memorable and enjoyable experience for our guests.

In pursue of our group slogan, “to receive the most number of thank you in the world”, we take great pride in the fact that we have over 630 outlets in Japan and 100 outlets outside of Japan that cater specifically to Japanese tastes. We will bring that same authentic Japanese taste into our restaurants here, showcasing the delights of modern Japanese cuisine.
We have immense experience in managing and ensuring that our food standards are maintained through all the stores. At the same time, we strongly believe in providing a level of service that is above and beyond the call of duty. We aim to showcase the exceptionally high standards of service that is uniquely Japanese.