Coffee Kaki

Coffee Kaki offers a fusion of culinary styles set amidst a balance of coffeehouse reminiscence and inviting contemporary ambience. Seek respite in the comforting familiarity of traditional kaya toast, soft-boiled eggs or local delights, go bold if you are keen on trying our signature gourmet sandwiches and tea with caramel jelly, or take in the aroma and sip a fragrant cup of authentic brewed coffee at any time of the day.

Chocolate Origin

A well made chocolate cake can convey just about anything from, “Happy Birthday Mum” to “I’m sorry I spilt a glass of red wine on your 16th century Peruvian shag carpet”. Let chocolaty goodness say the words you can’t. The cocoa connoisseurs at Chocolate Origin use the most natural ingredients and a whole lot of sweet love to get their cakes tasting oh-so delicious. A 6-inch cake serves as a decadent treat to seduce six of your sweet-toothed sidekicks, catapulting you right into their good books the moment they take that first bite.