School of Music and the Arts (SOMA)

Established in 2004, School of Music and the Arts (SOMA) is a premier music institution in Singapore, focussing on contemporary music performance and career skills in Songwriting, Music Production and Audio Engineering. Registered with the Ministry of Education (MOE) in Singapore, SOMA continues to offer a world-class education centred on practical skills and relevant technologies for today’s music professionals.




Recognize! Studios – The Creative Platform for Local Talent

An exciting new platform for aspiring and seasoned local artists has emerged!

Across genres, Recognize! Studios functions as the creative platform for all forms of creative communities, to showcase their art – with dance as its core speciality.

 Recognize! Studios aims to help avid and imaginative individuals materialise their creative ideas while developing and showcasing local talents. Being original street artistes themselves, the founder of the studio and dancer for 12 years, Mr Felix Huang, believes in a passion for true education, encouraging freedom of expression. Having been in the scene himself, he fully understands Singapore’s artistic potential and ability to expand, hence the establishing of this platform for creativity to grow, nurture and be showcased.

 “It doesn’t necessarily have to be safe and formal, in fact, the newer, more unconventional and wackier it gets, the better.” Says Mr Huang.

 Its logo is thoughtfully designed, with a signature reversed ‘R’ to symbolize their alternative nature and unique perspectives on art forms. Ending off with an exclamation, it aims to always leave an impactful impression.

At the studios, one can expect to see a myriad of hip hop and dance classes for kids and adults, graffiti displays, DJ courses and photography displays. Known as an ‘unconventional arts-academy’ this studio is driven by a passion for creative expression, with the main objective of supporting local and regional budding talents.


Quality Home Appliances

QHA has become a household name to its customers by providing major brands of home appliances supported by its own highly skilled service centre since the beginning of its inception.

Pet Lovers Centre

Pet Lovers Centre (PLC) boasts of having the widest range of the freshest stock for pet owners to pamper their pets and offers quality pet services including pet grooming, veterinary consultations and excellent home delivery service to reduce the hassle while shopping. PLC also has its very own pet care consultants whom customers can approach with questions regarding their pets! For more information, visit

Ong Radio

Ong Radio today is synonymous with the exquisitely rare craft of engineering countless state of the art dream homes

Mages Institute of Excellence

MAGES is one of the top creative Institute focusing on education Media, Animation, Games and Entertainment. Utilizing the latest Systems and Technologies, MAGES aims to nurture new generations of graduates well equipped to meet up with the demands of the high growth global media and entertainment industry.
MAGES is conveniently located at the sixth level of Orchard Central at Orchard Road. Our beautiful 2,500 sq ft facility is equipped with all the necessary ingredients to provide an holistic education to students. Students and public can register for full time Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas, take part in our professional short courses, and join in for interactive workshops to further their interest in gaming, animation, and emerging trends like virtual worlds and social media.

It is our vision to make MAGES the top Digital Animation & Gaming Schools in Singapore and the region. With out cutting edge equipments and software, we ensure that our teaching and learning are of the highest academic standard and welcome students and partners to join in our effort to impart quality education with a global perspective.
Visit us at our Central Campus for more information, or call us today at +65 6592 6736 for details on our programmes.

Laundry Club

The Laundry Club was established in 1998.

Currently one of the largest chain of laundry service provider in Singapore with 12 branches. Highly dedicated, highly motivated team who is passionate about providing the best laundry service in Singapore.

Services include:
1. Dry-Cleaning
2. Laundry
3. Bag Cleaning & Restoration
4. Clothing Alteration

Cars International

Well-known for its ability to deliver good-value service packages for discerning car owners, providing their cars with long-term beauty care, CARs International is located at Level 4 Carpark in The CentrePoint specializes in car washing, grooming and related services.

7 Eleven

7-Eleven is now the store of choice, not just for convenience needs but for a wide range of lifestyle needs such as exclusive snacks, meals on-the-go, top-ups and bill payment services.

Atlas Eye Specialist Centre

Atlas Eye Specialist Centre is a Premium Ophthalmology Specialist Centre, specialising in Refractive Surgery such as LASIK & ReLEx SMILE, Cataract Surgery, Eye Infection & Inflammation, Adult & Children Eyecare etc. We are dedicated to providing premium quality evidence-based medical and surgical solutions in eye health. Harnessing the benefits that modern technologies and techniques have to offer, for better outcomes in visual rehabilitation and enhancement.




INOKIM is a pioneering company which created the ‘last mile solution’ for commuting: the concept of dividing commuting into two stages, whereby long distances are covered by traditional transportation such as trains and cars, and crowded urban environments are navigated via personal mobility tools such as electric scooters.


The i-Max is the newest range of Electric Scooters, and have been designed in Korea. Through our vigorous testing, the iMax range have shown to be among the sturdiest builds; if you are looking for a e-scooter will minimal free play, this might just be the best one. All iMax scooters are equipped with genuine Samsung lithium batteries certified for international distribution; So you can be ensured a vehicle with a very long lifespan.


We were born as pastry masters and, in some ways, we still are. Our founders, the Flamigni brothers Armando, Lieto and Aurelio, opened a pastry and coffee shop in Saffi Square in Forlì in 1930. 

A few years later they had already opened other shops in nearby towns and almost all travelers coming from the North to the Adriatic coast were stopping by. What were the secrets of such a success? A touch of discipline and the choice of the best ingredients. To say it in one word: quality!

Singapore Zoo Shop

Step into the wild right here in the city! Take home thoughtfully created and nature-inspired mementos to remind yourself of the wild times in Singapore!


At, we offer more than just flowers! We are anything but an ordinary florist continuously seeking new gift ideas and acquiring novel skills to help our customers impress their friends and family! Carrying a wide range of flowers and gifts in Singapore, we offer various flower bouquets and arrangements, as well as extensive gift line of cuddlies, helium balloons, fragrances, and fountains of wealth that could go by whatever the occasion is. This is to help our clients create a happier and momentous life event.


Get on Board the Journey of Perfection at Privé Clinic.

Privé suits someone of style and substance, wanting to look their absolute best from head to toe. Privé represents their passport to perfection. Privé procedures are minimally or non-invasive and sure to make your day in the office or night out in town. Our experienced team – led by Dr. Karen Soh – whose undoubted belief in research, innovation and safety is recognised as the key to unlock your true beauty from inside out.

Niks Maple

Niks Maple Laser Clinic focuses on aesthetic treatment and procedures, which combine prescription medicines with procedures and Niks skin care products to optimise patient outcomes. Niks Shop Salon retails a comprehensive collection of Niks products and offers therapeutic facial services and paramedical skin camouflage service using Niks products.



i Models Holdings Pte Ltd is first established in 1998 as a model agency which represents men, women and children across all age groups and races. Since then, i Models has strategically positioned itself as one of the most remarkably achieving and fast growing model agency in Singapore. Over the past 10 years, I Models has recruited and groomed a base of local models who are experienced in various commercial assignments that include but not limited to product launch, events, bridal assignments, print advertisements, corporate videos, TV commercials and many others. Staffed by a team of dedicated professionals, i Models has thus far, successfully strengthened its position as one of the leading model agency in the local market. While achieving a strong presence in the model industry, i Models is now rapidly branching into the local fashion scene. We are currently collaborating with international modeling agencies to consolidate a concrete base of models to better cater to the needs and requirements of our clients in their forthcoming assignments. i Models recognizes and values the potential in each and every individual. We offer the gateway to a world of exciting and promising modeling experiences for the group of aspiring rising stars of tomorrow. Join us, if you are confident and charismatic enough to meet the dynamism of the modeling climate of the 21st century.

Hemant Sahi Designs

Hemant Sahi Designs (HSD) is a multi-disciplinary design studio that works with individuals, start-ups and multi-national companies to provide creative solutions in the field of video, graphics, web and interactive design. Started in 2009, HSD has branches in Singapore and Mumbai.

In 2012, HSD launched its T-shirt brand in India with focus on distinct typographical slogan/phrases based designs for men and women. After receiving a great response there, HSD has launched its t-shirt brand in Singapore.

They provide services for custom Tshirt and iPhone/Samsung case printing as well.