Toss & Turn

Toss & Turn is a new gourmet Salad, Soup & Sandwich Bar concept by Cedele, where customers are engaged in designing their own Fresh Salad Creations. Choose from an interesting range of base salads such as fresh mixed leaves, noodle/pasta, and even healthy grains including brown rice, quinoa, couscous.

Mei Heong Yuen Dessert

Mei Heong Yuen specializes in different varieties of pastes and steamed egg pudding. Its peanut paste is fragrant and delicately grounded to give a smooth texture with no presence of any peanut bits. Sufficiently sweet, without being cloying, it offers to be a great dessert for rounding up a satisfying meal. Its walnut paste, another favourite on the menu, is a silky-smooth cream that will soothe craving taste buds. The other two “heavenly kings” are sesame and almond pastes.

Hot Star Large Fried Chicken

Started business 1992 in Taichung and is the origin creator of the largest fried chicken measure up to 30cm long. This signature crispy juicy fried chicken has been attracting long queues of customers from the locals as well as tourists since the company established in 1992 and has now more than 40 outlets located all over in Taiwan.


First Love Patisserie

First Love Patisserie is Jakarta- based, using the mille crepe cake recipe from a Hokkaido chef. Made up of at least 20 layers, there are currently a few flavours available – Oreo, Original, Strawberry and etc

Bread Society

Conceptualised in line with the notion of ‘back to basics’, Bread Society features an extensive selection of over 50 kinds of freshly baked-on-the-premises treats that draw inspiration from simple traditional loaves made with classic time-honoured baking techniques, using an abundance of highly nutritious ingredients such as dark rye and wholemeal flour.

Dunkin’ Donuts

Since its opening in the 1950s, Dunkin’ Donuts has been serving customers in over 10,800 stores in 32 countries worldwide who count on them as an all-day stop for fresh, delicious coffee and donuts.

Tea Loft

Be enticed by Tea Loft’s rich vintage decors and aroma of Nanyang coffee that  lingers in the air through the adept ‘pulling’ of the piping hot coffee and toasting of bread, waiting to be coated with a thick layer of scrumptious peanut butter. Also available are the delectable Asian Delights such as Curry Chicken, Laksa and more.

Lim Chee Guan

Bak kwa, a traditionally barbecued meat slices that are now uniquely Singapore, is an essential ingredient for any celebration. Preparing bak kwa is a labour of love; roasted over glowing charcoal and flipped constantly to maintain the balance of delicate flavour and juicy perfection. Since 1938, LIM CHEE GUAN’s commitment to preserving the family tradition, translates into a singular focus – producing the best quality bak kwa.

Awfully Chocolate

Awfully Chocolate started a cake shop selling only one cake – a simple dark chocolate cake between layers of dark chocolate fudge. Real cake one could bite into, rich in taste yet moist and light. Not just mouthfuls of mousse or cream. Not overly sweet but something you could eat and not feel disgusted with yourself right after. Something you would find yourself craving for regularly and never tire of.

Paris Baguette

Paris Baguette ia a global bakery brand managed by SPC Group, based in Korea.

It adapts the traditional European bakery cafe concept and has received recognition for its brand awareness and brand power in Korea. 

Paris Baguette always offer the highest quality products with only the freshest ingredients and best customer service.

In paris baguette you enjoy various bread, cake, sandwich and it makes you really happy.

KOI Cafe


The dream of travelling around the world has inspired the founder to bring teas with her on every overseas trip to places like Hawaii, Tokyo and Australia, as away from home made her craving for authentic Home-Made Taiwanese Tea.

Little by little, the idea of building and sharing the Taiwan’s iconic bubble tea to the rest of the world has emerged. Hoping soon in the future, tea lovers would be impressed with KOI’s joy-filled beverages.


Yami Yogurt

Based in Singapore, YAMI Yogurt owns and runs soft-frozen yogurt retail stores locally. Since the 1980s, YAMI Yogurt is where we share a common love for refreshing treats and life’s simple pleasure. Our brand, concept and stores have changed greatly since then but our product has remained the same : tangy, delicious and healthy. YAMI Yogurt’s mantra – “Where Healthy Meets Delicious” truly brings out the essence of pure joy in a yogurt cup! Find out more about us on our Facebook and Twitter Page.

Ya Kun Kaya Toast

From its humble beginnings as a modest coffee stall in the 1940s, the name of Ya Kun has become synonymous with unparalleled kaya toast and irresistibly fragrant coffee and tea, enjoyed amidst a cosy atmosphere. Today, Ya Kun continues to delight fans and to attract converts.

Wow Tako

Wow in every bite! Brand new taste from Wow Tako coming your way.


Enjoy the authentic taste of Japanese yakitori which is made using only the finest ingredients. For freshness, all ingredients are delivered to our outlets daily from Central Kitchen. Our popular bento sets consists of Japanese rice, seaweed, pickles and yakitori. Price starts from $5.10 onwards.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, is a specialty coffee & tea retailer. With a reputation for excellence, the company is a leader in product innovations, having developed the Original Ice Blended drink.

In addition to the hand-crafted coffee and tea beverages, you can enjoy a wide variety of food items ranging from a healthy choice of sumptuous breakfast items available all day, delicious sandwiches, crisp salads, hot pastas, and savory cakes.

Sumo Salad

At SumoSalad, we’ve got a passion for creating that tasty green stuff, but that’s not all we’re about! We also handmake a huge range of other delicious & nutritious products, guaranteed to satisfy your appetite but not turn you into a SUMO! We use only the highest quality ingredients, sourced fresh daily from local providers & grocers. Come on in and put SumoSalad to the taste test!

Subway Niche

Subway Niche, which offers an extensive ranges of traditional nyonya “kuehs”. Best place to pick up some munchies along the way.


Starbucks Coffee

Since 1971, Starbucks Coffee Company has been committed to ethically sourcing and roasting the highest quality Arabica coffee in the world. Today, with stores around the globe, the company is the premier roaster and retailer of specialty coffee in the world. Through our unwavering commitment to excellence and our guiding principles, we bring the unique Starbucks Experience to life for every customer through every cup.


Share Tea

From humble beginnings (one single store in Taiwan) to global presence, Sharetea has grown to become a renowned brand with over 200 stores worldwide, spanning 16 countries. Our tea-based beverages are prepared from scratch, with freshly brewed premium tea leaves and smooth, al dente tapioca pearls. Must-try drinks are the Taro White Pearl Milk tea, Wintermelon Milk Tea, Homemade Pudding Milk Tea and Ume Plum Fruit Tea.


Paradise Inn

Paradise Inn offers classic and popular Cantonese dishes, nutritious double-boiled soup and a variety of traditional desserts and refreshing drinks.

Old Chang Kee

The history of Old Chang Kee dates back to 1956 when it started with just a small stall in a coffee shop outside the former Rex cinema along Mckenzie Road. Today, Old Chang Kee has become Singapore’s leading brand of curry puffs and other hot savories. Old Chang Kee markets its curry puffs through various concepts – from kiosks along the road, to modern shopping malls and petrol stations. With one of the best curry puffs around and achieving high marks in accessibility, variety and wholesome goodness, Old Chang Kee has also diversified and extended its product range to include other hot tasty local snacks.

Mr Bean

Founded in 1995, Mr Bean is the leading chain soya bean food and beverage retailer in Singapore today. With more than 60 stores in Singapore, Mr Bean offers a variety of soya bean drinks and snacks. Young and old can enjoy refreshing ice blended soya drinks, ice cream, pastries and more.

Honeymoon Dessert

Since Hong Kong Honeymoon Dessert Group established its first shop in Sai Kung District of Hong Kong in 1995, it has developed into renowned dessert chainstores from a home-style dessert shop popular among local customers especially the young generation of Hong Kong and it has won the respect and appreciation from domestic customers and foreign tourists. Now Honeymoon Dessert has established its exclusive brand name in the dessert field.


Since 1961 Haagen-Dazs has been synonymous with the finest, hand-selected ingredients and superior quality. Our passion for your pleasure is at the very heart of the Haagen-Dazs philosophy.

Garrett Popcorn

At Garrett Popcorn Shops, we’ve maintained our dedication to fresh, delicious popcorn since we first opened at 10 West Madison Street in Chicago. We continue to use only the highest quality ingredients from area producers as we handcraft our gourmet popcorn in old-fashioned copper kettles. We strive to deliver the same popcorn today that customers first talked about in 1949.

Famous Amos

Serving fresh baked cookies in Singapore since 1983, Famous Amos cookies are made from the finest ingredients and freshly baked all day long. We offer a wide variety of flavours in both our signature bite size “Crunchy” as well as our large “Soft N Chewy” cookie. To compliment our cookies, we also serve freshly baked Muffins and Brownies.

Our wide range of gifts has been selected to suit all needs and all occasions. Our cookie store is truly a one-stop gift shop for someone looking for that unique gift that says it all!